Big Tech vs. The EU

As conversation abounds regarding the increasing power of large technology companies, or “Big Tech,” Europe may be the first to take action. In late March, the governing bodies of the European Union came to an agreement on the Digital Markets Act, which, from what we can tell, would force large tech companies to undergo changes with the hope of fostering competition and improving the user experience. In this episode, we will discuss the purpose of this antitrust legislation and how effective it will be in regulating “Big Tech.” We will also touch on how the consumer experience may change and whether other countries will follow suit and adopt similar legislation. In order to explain the Digital Markets Act, joining us today on the podcast is Adam Satariano.

Adam Satariano is a technology correspondent based in Europe, where his work focuses on digital policy and the intersection of technology and world affairs.

His coverage has included the spread of disinformation, the growing use of censorship and surveillance technologies, the attempts by governments to police internet speech, and Europe’s efforts to regulate global tech giants.

Mr. Satariano has written about technology since 2010. Before joining The New York Times in 2018, he was a reporter for Bloomberg News in San Francisco and London. He has also written about environmental issues.

Big Tech vs. The EU

Episode Credits:

Host: Leo Kamer and Zach Wheeler

Editor: Zach Wheeler

Music: Zee Yuen

Poster: Reese Terry

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