The Future of NATO

Established in 1949 as a military alliance to protect against Soviet encroachment into Western Europe, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has worked towards “uniting efforts for collective defense and the preservation of peace and security”, a goal that has remained unchanged over the years. However, in the face of shifting interests and newly emerging threats … Continue reading The Future of NATO

Charting U.S. Strategy in Taiwan with U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth For the past four decades, the United States has had robust unofficial relations with Taiwan, an island nation of about 23 million people. A strong multi-party democracy and an economic powerhouse, Taiwan has been a critically important entity in Northeast Asia. The status of the island and its future also have been key points … Continue reading Charting U.S. Strategy in Taiwan with U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth

AUKUS and the Future of the Indo-Pacific

On September 15, U.S. President Biden, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced AUKUS, a new trilateral security pact. The agreement focuses on military capability, and the United States and the United Kingdom notably will be helping Australia acquire eight nuclear-powered submarines. What compelled Australia to seek this agreement? What … Continue reading AUKUS and the Future of the Indo-Pacific

Political Turmoil in Nigeria During the past few months, Nigeria has been in the news for the national Twitter ban that the country’s President Buhari instituted over the summer. What used to be a platform that gave international reach to Nigeria’s #EndSARS protests during the summer of 2020 is now banned for use in the country; President Buhari … Continue reading Political Turmoil in Nigeria

The End Of The Old International Order The Covid-19 Pandemic has fundamentally altered the way of life of people, businesses, and whole countries. That has been well documented. What we will focus on this episode is whether and how Covid changed the US-built and Rules-based international system. How did the pandemic affect the global economic and financial system? How did it … Continue reading The End Of The Old International Order

Up To Speed: The (Dis)United Kingdom Why has the UK struggled to find its place in a 21st-century? How have decades of decolonization and the fading of its great power status impacted the nation as a whole? How has it shaped the UK’s relationships with Europe and the world? What have recent events revealed about the UK’s political system? And, … Continue reading Up To Speed: The (Dis)United Kingdom

FP Toolbox: Counterrorism September 11, 2001 permanently reshaped counterterrorism policy in the U.S. and abroad, with more than 260 US government organizations created or reorganized to focus on terrorism-related issues in the last 20 years. n this episode, we’ll examine the history of counterterorrism in the U.S, including what practices and threats look like today, 20 years … Continue reading FP Toolbox: Counterrorism

The Fallout of the Afghanistan Exit Afghanistan. Afghanistan. Afghanistan. That seems to be the only thing in the news nowadays. And, for good reason. Today we will explore the history of the US involvement in Afghanistan, what exactly went wrong, whether the withdrawal could have been handled better, and what this all means for America’s foreign policy in the long … Continue reading The Fallout of the Afghanistan Exit

Securing America’s Supply Chains Today on the podcast we will discuss America’s supply chains and how the Covid-19 Pandemic fundamentally altered the way we think about globalization. Why do we keep hearing the terms near-shoring and on shoring? What’s the deal with microchips and rare earth metals? And how should policy makers think about securing America’s supply chains? … Continue reading Securing America’s Supply Chains