US-China Technological Decoupling

In recent years, growing tensions between the US and China have spurred increasing interest and action to “decouple” US and China’s economic and technological ecosystems. This is evident in the increased use of technology restrictions, from export controls to sanctions and visa bans. And while there appears to be bipartisan support for technological decoupling in … Continue reading US-China Technological Decoupling

Foreign Policy in the Australian Elections

The Australian election is scheduled for Saturday, May 21, and is expected to be a tight race between the current Liberal-National coalition and the opposition Labor party. This election occurs in the 70th year of the US-Australia alliance and in a moment in which headlines are inundated by the war in Ukraine, news of China’s … Continue reading Foreign Policy in the Australian Elections

The Arab-Israeli Detente with Ambassador Martin Indyk

Today on the podcast we will be discussing the long history of the Arab-Conflict as well as recent normalization agreemnts between Israel and some of its Arab neighbors. What has traditionally driven the complicated relationship, what role has the United States played in attempting to resolve the conflict, and how can the region built on … Continue reading The Arab-Israeli Detente with Ambassador Martin Indyk

Xi Jinping’s Faltering Foreign Policy

In Xi Jinping’s 10 years of power, he has turned away from former chairman Hu Jintao’s China's peaceful rise policy towards a more aggressive foreign policy approach as demonstrated by China’s previous responses towards the EU and more recent actions towards Taiwan. With the ongoing Ukraine Crisis and China’s seeming alignment towards Russia, it calls … Continue reading Xi Jinping’s Faltering Foreign Policy