Israel’s Judicial Branch Reform

Israel, once touted as a thriving democracy in the Middle East, now finds itself in a very unstable political climate. After a 5th election in 4 years which restored the country’s longest running prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israelis are in the streets again protesting against a controversial bill introduced in the Israeli parliament. The bill, … Continue reading Israel’s Judicial Branch Reform

India’s Strategic Shift?

Russia and India have enjoyed a long history of friendly and mutually beneficial relations. The rise of China, U.S.-China  tensions, the war in Ukraine, and the Russian-Chinese partnership, have had profound effects on Russian-Indian relations. Dr. Constantino Xavier,  fellow at the Centre for Social and Economic Progress and a nonresident fellow at the India Project … Continue reading India’s Strategic Shift?

Taiwan Loses Its Friends

Of the thirteen countries that currently maintain diplomatic relations with Taiwan, seven of those are in Latin America. This episode explores how Honduras’ recent diplomatic split with Taiwan in favor of China affects Taiwan's diplomatic strategy in the region. To discuss Taiwan’s relations with Latin America, joining us today is Margaret Myers, the director of … Continue reading Taiwan Loses Its Friends

Extended Deterrence

Last year, North Korea conducted a record number of ballistic missile test and appears to soon conduct another nuclear test. These developments have aggravated South Korea’s concern about U.S. extended deterrence commitments. Ankit Panda, Stanton Senior Fellow in the Nuclear Policy Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, joins us today to discuss the … Continue reading Extended Deterrence

A US-EU Trade War?

Many countries have expressed concern over a number of subsidies passed by the Biden Administration mainly targeting green energy. In this episode we explore why some European countries view American subsidies as a provocation, why they are pursuing competing subsidies, and how this may affect the relationship between the United States and its European allies. … Continue reading A US-EU Trade War?

Hill-ternship: Scoring and Thriving

POFA is starting a new series called “Scoring and Thriving” where we talk about foreign policy internship opportunities in and around our nation’s capital. In this episode, we are joined by Jeremy Gonzalez, who previously managed the internship program at the House Foreign Affairs Committee and was Chris's former internship supervisor. We discuss the difference … Continue reading Hill-ternship: Scoring and Thriving