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US-China Technological Decoupling Hopkins Podcast on Foreign Affairs

In recent years, growing tensions between the US and China have spurred increasing interest and action to “decouple” US and China’s economic and technological ecosystems. This is evident in the increased use of technology restrictions, from export controls to sanctions and visa bans. And while there appears to be bipartisan support for technological decoupling in … Continue reading US-China Technological Decoupling
  1. US-China Technological Decoupling
  2. Foreign Policy in the Australian Elections
  3. Will There Be a New Iran Nuclear Deal?
  4. The Arab-Israeli Detente with Ambassador Martin Indyk
  5. Macron vs. LePen
  6. Congress and Foreign Policy
  7. Big Tech vs. The EU
  8. Zelensky’s Ukraine
  9. Xi Jinping’s Faltering Foreign Policy
  10. Will Sanctions on Russia Work?