Modern Espionage

The work of the government has transformed to accord with an increasingly digitized world. How has the change in technology transformed espionage?  On today’s episode, we explore modern espionage, its evolution since the Cold War, and its role in current foreign relations. We consider the future of espionage and international security as technology continues to … Continue reading Modern Espionage

The Future of Censorship and Free Speech

On August 12, 2022, novelist Salman Rushdie was almost fatally stabbed nearly thirty years after the Iranian Supreme leader issued a fatwa placing a several million dollar bounty on the novelist’s life. This attack has shined a spotlight onto the state of free speech worldwide. How have states cracked down on free speech? And in … Continue reading The Future of Censorship and Free Speech

Afghanistan: One Year Later

August 15 marks one year since the Taliban took over Kabul after the U.S. withdrawal. Afghanistan has since undergone dramatic changes. Outside monitors have raised human rights concerns, as the Taliban implemented changes to women’s rights, education systems, and activism. We explore the current political structure and economic state of the country under the Taliban’s … Continue reading Afghanistan: One Year Later

Preventing a U.S.-Russia War

When Russia invaded Ukraine in February, the United States and its allies jumped to support Ukraine and cut off Russia from the international stage. The Russian invasion and subsequent military aid to Ukraine has placed one nuclear power in proxy war with another, a dangerous prospect. In today’s episode, we discuss the state of NATO-Russia … Continue reading Preventing a U.S.-Russia War

Friendshoring and Economic Security

Beginning in the late 20th century, American companies and companies from developed countries moved their manufacturing operations to developing countries, most notably China. On today’s podcast, we discuss the abandonment of this offshoring policy in favor of a “friendshoring” policy, wherein companies have begun to move production operations out of China and into countries with … Continue reading Friendshoring and Economic Security

U.K. Elections and the Fall of Boris Johnson

In this episode, we discuss the fall and legacy of Boris Johnson, as well as the key candidates in the current race to become prime minister. We discuss the central domestic and foreign policy issues of each candidate’s campaign and explore how each candidate will affect the U.K.’s relationship with the E.U. and the U.S. … Continue reading U.K. Elections and the Fall of Boris Johnson

Mario Draghi and the Future of Italy

In today’s podcast, we discuss Italy’s policies and development under Mario Draghi as well as just how and why the current government coalition imploded. We will then examine the possible motivations behind President Mattarella’s decision to hold elections in just two months and what Italy’s economy and foreign policy could look like under a potential … Continue reading Mario Draghi and the Future of Italy

Climate Policy Debates

People around the world have seen the effects of climate change – such as droughts, rising ocean levels, and changing weather patterns – that have exacerbated ongoing food and health crises. These are all alarming reminders that the existential deadlines for international climate goals are fast-approaching. A global energy crisis prompted by Russia’s invasion of … Continue reading Climate Policy Debates