Hill-ternship: Scoring and Thriving

POFA is starting a new series called “Scoring and Thriving” where we talk about foreign policy internship opportunities in and around our nation’s capital. In this episode, we are joined by Jeremy Gonzalez, who previously managed the internship program at the House Foreign Affairs Committee and was Chris's former internship supervisor. We discuss the difference … Continue reading Hill-ternship: Scoring and Thriving

Is Ukraine a Distraction?

The Biden administration has defined China as the “pacing challenge” that poses the “most comprehensive and serious challenge to U.S. national security.” Sino-American tensions, in particular, have escalated due to disagreements over the future of Taiwan and the potential of Chinese invasion of the island. What should the United States be doing to prepare for … Continue reading Is Ukraine a Distraction?

POFA Roundtable: 2022 Year in Review

In 2022 we recorded 62 fantastic episodes discussing topics from Ukraine, to cybersecurity, to U.S.-China relations. In this episode, we'll be having a roundtable discussion on our most important foreign affairs moments of 2022. As a disclaimer, the format of the roundtable makes it difficult for POFA hosts to fully explain their opinions and respond … Continue reading POFA Roundtable: 2022 Year in Review