Welcome to Season Two

Welcome back to the Hopkins Podcast on Foreign Affairs, Season Two!

We are super excited to bring you guys three fantastic podcasts that we have recorded over the course of this semester. They are some of the best conversations we have ever had and address the most pressing issues in the international sphere today.
Episode one is a conversation with Professor Soma Dasgupta. We discuss the Turkish Lira crisis and the potential for an even larger emerging market crisis!
Episode two is a conversation with Professor Bentley Allan. We discuss the history and future of Global Climate Politics. Will we avoid climate catastrophe? Listen to find out 🙂
Episode three is a casual conversation with a special student guest. We discuss Cyberwar and its implications on the interconnected world. Get ready for some crazy conversation.
We really hope you enjoy these episodes, feel free to send us feedback and follow us on social media!
Twitter: @HopkinsPOFA
Facebook: HopkinsPOFA
Instagram: @HopkinsPOFA
Email: HopkinsPOFA@gmail.com

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