Friendshoring and Economic Security

Beginning in the late 20th century, American companies and companies from developed countries moved their manufacturing operations to developing countries, most notably China. On today’s podcast, we discuss the abandonment of this offshoring policy in favor of a “friendshoring” policy, wherein companies have begun to move production operations out of China and into countries with … Continue reading Friendshoring and Economic Security

U.K. Elections and the Fall of Boris Johnson

In this episode, we discuss the fall and legacy of Boris Johnson, as well as the key candidates in the current race to become prime minister. We discuss the central domestic and foreign policy issues of each candidate’s campaign and explore how each candidate will affect the U.K.’s relationship with the E.U. and the U.S. … Continue reading U.K. Elections and the Fall of Boris Johnson

Climate Policy Debates

People around the world have seen the effects of climate change – such as droughts, rising ocean levels, and changing weather patterns – that have exacerbated ongoing food and health crises. These are all alarming reminders that the existential deadlines for international climate goals are fast-approaching. A global energy crisis prompted by Russia’s invasion of … Continue reading Climate Policy Debates

Russia in the International Criminal Court

In February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine in clear violation of the UN charter, which prohibits the use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state. Since the invasion, there have been real-time reports of war crimes being committed by the Russian military in Ukraine, including the targeting and killing of civilians. … Continue reading Russia in the International Criminal Court

Foreign Policy Toolbox: International Agreements

With Article II treaties decreasing drastically over the past administrations, there has been a trend of presidents using executive agreements to handle international affairs. This increasingly liberal use of executive agreements along with unilateral withdrawal and re-entering of recent treaties has been the causes for conflict. Can presidents withdraw from treaties without Congressional consent? Are … Continue reading Foreign Policy Toolbox: International Agreements

Biden’s 2023 Defense Budget

With the increase in the 2023 defense budget predicted to be in the 100 billions, there has been much controversy over the announcement. In this episode, we will discuss the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act and Biden’s and the Senate’s controversial increases in defense budget. We will explore the various responses from both political parties … Continue reading Biden’s 2023 Defense Budget

China’s Zero Covid Policy

After months of harsh and relentless Covid-19 lockdowns, China’s major cities have begun opening up again. In this episode, we will examine the current state of China’s zero covid policy. We will discuss the lockdowns in Shanghai and Beijing and explore the effects of the zero covid policy on China’s economy and political stability. Finally, … Continue reading China’s Zero Covid Policy