Foreign Policy Toolbox: International Agreements

With Article II treaties decreasing drastically over the past administrations, there has been a trend of presidents using executive agreements to handle international affairs. This increasingly liberal use of executive agreements along with unilateral withdrawal and re-entering of recent treaties has been the causes for conflict. Can presidents withdraw from treaties without Congressional consent? Are … Continue reading Foreign Policy Toolbox: International Agreements

Biden’s 2023 Defense Budget

With the increase in the 2023 defense budget predicted to be in the 100 billions, there has been much controversy over the announcement. In this episode, we will discuss the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act and Biden’s and the Senate’s controversial increases in defense budget. We will explore the various responses from both political parties … Continue reading Biden’s 2023 Defense Budget

China’s Zero Covid Policy

After months of harsh and relentless Covid-19 lockdowns, China’s major cities have begun opening up again. In this episode, we will examine the current state of China’s zero covid policy. We will discuss the lockdowns in Shanghai and Beijing and explore the effects of the zero covid policy on China’s economy and political stability. Finally, … Continue reading China’s Zero Covid Policy

Populism in Europe

Recent years have seen the long-standing model of cooperation within Europe repeatedly challenged in response to factors, including the Syrian refugee crisis, Brexit, and, most recently, the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, populist parties have gained momentum everywhere in Europe from Hungary and Poland to Italy and France. So, what exactly is populism? What … Continue reading Populism in Europe

Crisis in Sri Lanka

Extreme inflation, fuel shortages, protests on such a scale that they removed a prime minister from office. These events and more have developed into a significant threat to Sri Lanka’s political and economic stability. In this episode, we will explore the causes of this crisis, like economic mismanagement; the story behind the Rajapaksa political dynasty, … Continue reading Crisis in Sri Lanka

US-China Technological Decoupling

In recent years, growing tensions between the US and China have spurred increasing interest and action to “decouple” US and China’s economic and technological ecosystems. This is evident in the increased use of technology restrictions, from export controls to sanctions and visa bans. And while there appears to be bipartisan support for technological decoupling in … Continue reading US-China Technological Decoupling

Foreign Policy in the Australian Elections

The Australian election is scheduled for Saturday, May 21, and is expected to be a tight race between the current Liberal-National coalition and the opposition Labor party. This election occurs in the 70th year of the US-Australia alliance and in a moment in which headlines are inundated by the war in Ukraine, news of China’s … Continue reading Foreign Policy in the Australian Elections