Mario Draghi and the Future of Italy

In today’s podcast, we discuss Italy’s policies and development under Mario Draghi as well as just how and why the current government coalition imploded. We will then examine the possible motivations behind President Mattarella’s decision to hold elections in just two months and what Italy’s economy and foreign policy could look like under a potential … Continue reading Mario Draghi and the Future of Italy

A Post-Duterte Philippines Rodrigo Durterte has brought the world’s attention to the Philippines with his brash, populist rhetoric and tough-on-crime policies. In this episode we look at the president’s rise to power, his major foreign, and domestic policies, and to what extent he will step back from Filipino politics. Joining us to answer these questions is Joshua … Continue reading A Post-Duterte Philippines

China’s Evolving Nuclear Arsenal In late July, China conducted a test of a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile that entered low earth orbit, circled the globe,  and struck a predetermined target in China. The test allegedly stunned U.S. military and intelligence officials for its complexity, with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley calling the test a near … Continue reading China’s Evolving Nuclear Arsenal

A Fraught Moment for African Democracy Since August, of last year there have been more coups in sub-Saharan Africa than at any time for the past two decades - Mali in August 2020, Chad in April 2020, Mali again in May 2021, Guinea in September, and Sudan just last month. In this episode we discuss the recent trends of turmoil … Continue reading A Fraught Moment for African Democracy

The Future of Global Leadership

Specifically, we are going to have a conversation about whether the United States can still produce and whether it even needs great leaders to tackle the challenges of the evolving international system. Joining us to help answer some of these questions is Aaron David Miller, a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace … Continue reading The Future of Global Leadership

Fumio Kishida and Japan’s Changing Politics

On October 31st, Japan held a general election to determine the make-up of its lower house of parliament. It was also an opportunity for the ruling party’s new leader Fumio Kishida to gauge his popularity and determine the size of his government’s mandate. What do the results of this election mean for Japanese domestic policy, … Continue reading Fumio Kishida and Japan’s Changing Politics

COP26: Global Climate Negotiations

In the past several years, addressing climate change has become an increasing priority on the global stage. However, multiple scientists and politicians have raised the alarm that current global and national initiatives are not enough to curb the adverse effects of anthropogenic climate change. With competing interests on eliminating fossil fuels on national and international … Continue reading COP26: Global Climate Negotiations

Strengthening U.S. Policy in Southeast Asia with Congressman Ami Bera Over the past twenty years, Southeast Asia a diverse region of 10 nations, has become increasingly important to global economic development, U.S. interests, and great power geopolitics. In this special episode of the Hopkins Podcast on Foreign Affairs, we discuss with Congressman Ami Bera the growing importance of Southeast Asia in the world and … Continue reading Strengthening U.S. Policy in Southeast Asia with Congressman Ami Bera