Populism in Europe

Recent years have seen the long-standing model of cooperation within Europe repeatedly challenged in response to factors, including the Syrian refugee crisis, Brexit, and, most recently, the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, populist parties have gained momentum everywhere in Europe from Hungary and Poland to Italy and France. So, what exactly is populism? What shapes has it taken in some of these European countries? And what does it tell us about the future of European cooperation and integration? In order to explain the dynamics of populism in Europe, joining us today is Dr. Rosa Balfour. 

Rosa Balfour is the director of Carnegie Europe. Her fields of expertise include European politics, and institutions, as well as foreign and security policy. Her current research focuses on the relationship between domestic politics and Europe’s global role, and she has published widely on issues relating to European politics. Previously, Balfour has been a senior fellow at the German Marshall Fund and the director of the Europe in the World program at the European Policy Center.

Populism in Europe

Episode Credits:

Editor: Lidie Ataoguz

Hosts: Alexis Holewinski, Nicole Rivas

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