Macron vs. LePen

French President Emmanuel Macron has faced numerous foreign and domestic challenges since assuming office in 2017. Today, he is addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, the invasion of Ukraine, and the concern over rising cost of living among other issues. In this highly turbulent time in French politics, several candidates challenged Macron both from the political left and the right. Ultimately, Macron emerged victorious in his re-election bid to a second five-year term. Dr. Celia Berlin and Ms. Agneska Bloch joins us on the podcast to discuss the 2022 French presidential election. 

Please note that we recorded this episode several days prior to the second round election on April 24.

Macron vs. LePen

Episode credits:

Music: Zee Yuen

Editor: Zach Wheeler

Hosts: Chris Park and Jina Lim

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