To Rule the Waves: Superpowers and Control of the Seas

In today’s episode, we’ll have an important discussion on Bruce Jones’ new book, Rule the Waves: How Control of the World’s Oceans Shapes the Fate of the Superpowers. What are the current tensions that exist in naval trade and how has this become a part of the major powers’ agenda? How have oceans impacted transnational issues such as climate change, energy conservation, and military dominance? And finally, will there be a moment where oceans are no longer seen as up for grabs by nation-states? Here to help us answer these questions and more is foreign policy scholar at the Brookings Institution, Dr. Bruce Jones. 

Dr. Jones is director and a senior fellow in the Project on International Order and Strategy of the Foreign Policy program at the Brookings Institution, where he also works with the Center for East Asia Policy Studies. His research focuses on U.S. strategy, international order, and great power relations, with his most recent book, “To Rule the Waves: How Control of the World’s Oceans Shapes the Fate of the Superpowers,” examining these in the context of naval power. This book is the starting point for our discussion today and we are very excited to have its author come talk with us about it. We hope you enjoy this episode of the Hopkins Podcast on Foreign Affairs.

To Rule the Waves:

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