Cuba After The Castros

The name Castro has defined Cuba for over sixty years when Fidel Castro and his brother, Raul, successfully led a communist revolution on the island. Since then, the island nation has been one of the United States major challenges in Latin America, allying with the Soviet Union during the Cold War and influencing politics in the hemisphere. Almost five years after the death of Fidel, Raul Castro is finally stepping down. Who will replace them, what will happen to Cuba, and how will relations between Cuba and the United States evolve. To answer these questions and more, we are joined by Dr. William LeoGrande.

William Leogrande is a Professor of Government at American University and a long-time specialist in Latin American politics. He has been a frequent adviser to government and private sector agencies, and had previously on the staffs of the Democratic Policy Committee of the United States Senate, and the Democratic Caucus Task Force on Central America of the United States House of Representatives. We hope you enjoy this episode of the Hopkins Podcast on Foreign Affairs.


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