Geopolitics of the Energy Transition

Today, Thursday April 22nd, is Earth Day, a global holiday celebrating environmental protection. In light of this holiday, on today’s episode we will be discussing how the global transition toward a less carbon intensive energy system is affecting global geopolitics as we know it. Over the past century, energy geopolitics have centered on struggles to secure oil and gas, but if oil and gas become less important, will energy geopolitics eventually go away? To help us tackle this question, today on the podcast we have Dr. Morgan Bazilian. We hope you enjoy the episode.

Morgan D. Bazilian is the Director of the Payne Institute and a Professor of public policy at the Colorado School of Mines. Previously, he was lead energy specialist at the World Bank. He has over two decades of experience in the energy sector and is regarded as a leading expert in international affairs, policy and investment. He is a Member of the Council on Foreign Relations.


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