Future of U.S.-Taiwan Relations with Bonnie Glaser

Welcome back to the Hopkins Podcast on Foreign Affairs, the entirely student-run podcast out of Johns Hopkins University. Today on the podcast, we will be discussing U.S. foreign policy toward Taiwan, and the future of U.S.-Taiwan relations under President Joe Biden. What are the drivers of the relationship between the United States and Taiwan? How has the relationship evolved due to rising tensions between the United States and the People’s Republic of China? How seriously should we take the threat of attack upon Taiwan by the People’s Republic of China? To help us answer these questions, today on the podcast we are joined by Bonnie Glazer.

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Bonnie S. Glaser is a senior adviser for Asia and the director of the China Power Project at CSIS, where she works on issues related to Asia-Pacific security with a focus on Chinese foreign and security policy.

Prior to joining CSIS, she served as a consultant for various U.S. government offices, including the Departments of Defense and State. Ms. Glaser has published widely in academic and policy journals, including the Washington QuarterlyChina QuarterlyAsian SurveyInternational SecurityContemporary Southeast AsiaAmerican Foreign Policy InterestsFar Eastern Economic Review, and Korean Journal of Defense Analysis, as well as in leading newspapers such as the New York Times and International Herald Tribune and in various edited volumes on Asian security


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