Global Climate Action with Governor Peter Shumlin

Years since the roar of the first steam engine, we have become increasingly dependent on non-renewable sources of energy that spurred growth but also created the current climate crisis.. Our generation stands at a crossroads. Faced with the monumental task of saving our planet, international cooperation on the issue of climate change is a necessity and important issue remain to be solved. Today on our podcast we will compare the Obama and Trump administrations’ climate policies, discuss the merits and shortcomings of the Paris Climate Accords, and talk about the growing role of Chinese leadership on this issue Joining us today on this podcast to discuss global climate politics is governor Peter Shumlin. 

To listen to this episode, find the Hopkins Podcast on Foreign Affairs on iTunes or Spotify, or click the link below!

Governor Shumlin was the 81st governor of the state of Vermont from 2011 to 2017. As governor, he pushed for aggressive action on climate change in his state and led the nation in reducing carbon and transitioning to renewable energy. He also attended the 2015 United Nations Climate Conference in Paris

Governor Shumlin is the longtime co-director of Putney Student Travel, a company that sends students on educational programs and service projects across the globe.


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