FP Toolbox: UN Peacekeepers with Dr. Paul D. Williams

Welcome to our second episode in our Foreign Policy Toolbox Series — where we unravel the mysteries of the most important institutions, concepts, and policies that decision makers actually use to implement foreign policy. In today’s episode, we are discussing the United Nations Peacekeepers. What do UN peacekeepers actually do, where are they deployed today, and how have their mandates changed over time? To help us answer these questions, today we are joined by Dr. Paul Williams

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Paul D. Williams is Professor in the Elliott School of International Affairs at the George Washington University. Dr Williams has previously served as a Non-Resident Senior Adviser at the International Peace Institute in New York where helped manage the “Providing for Peacekeeping Project.” He has also been a Senior Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington DC and a Visiting Professor at the Institute for Peace and Security Studies at Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia. He has written several books about peace operations, including Understanding Peacekeeping (Polity Press, 3rd edition, 2021), The Oxford Handbook of UN Peacekeeping Operations (Oxford University Press, 2015), and Enhancing U.S. Support for Peace Operations in Africa (Council on Foreign Relations Special Report No.73, 2015).

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