2020 Elections: Biden Foreign Policy with Dr. James Lindsay

In this episode, we discuss what foreign policy may look like under a Biden Administration, should he win the November 2020 presidential election. What worldview guides Joe Biden’s decision making in foreign policy? What foreign policy priorities might a Biden Administration choose to tackle first? How would a Biden Administration’s foreign policy differ from the Trump Administration’s? To help us answer these questions, today on the podcast we are joined by Dr. Jim Lindsay. 

To listen to this episode, find the Hopkins Podcast on Foreign Affairs on iTunes or Spotify, or click the link below!

James M. Lindsay is senior vice president, director of studies, and Maurice R. Greenberg chair at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), where he oversees the work of the more than six dozen fellows in the David Rockefeller Studies Program. He is a leading authority on the American foreign policymaking process and the domestic politics of American foreign policy.

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