Crisis in Yemen with Dr. Sherin Varkey


24 million. That is the number of men, women, and children in need of humanitarian assistance in Yemen. Since the civil conflict started, Yemen has quickly become one of the most unforgiving places to be a child in the world. 10.2 million children don’t have basic healthcare. 7.8 million children don’t have access to education. 12 million children are in need of humanitarian assistance. And tens of thousands of children have been forcibly recruited to fight in the country’s civil war. In order to bring light to what is happening in Yemen and highlight how the world can help the country, we are joined today on the podcast by Dr. Sherin Varkey. 

Dr Sherin Varkey assumed the role of UNICEF Yemen Representative a.i in July 2020. Dr. Sherin is a medical doctor, specialized with an MD degree in Public Health and Nutrition and DNB degree in Preventive and Social Medicine. Dr. Sherin brings more than 16 years of experience of leading emergency and development programmes at national and international levels in a variety of settings in India, Timor-Leste, Ethiopia, Uganda, Iraq and DPR Korea and Yemen. 

Twitter/Facebook/Instagram: @HopkinsPOFA

Crisis in Yemen

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