Arctic Security with Luke Coffey

The polar regions have become a vector of geopolitical competition stemming from the effects of Climate Change. In this podcast, we discuss the geopolitical competition over the Arctic. Who are the major players, why does the region matter, and what, if anything, should the United States do in the region? To help us answer these questions, today on the podcast we have Luke Coffey.

Luke Coffey is the director of the Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies at The Heritage Foundation. Coffey, named to the post in December 2015, oversees foreign policy and international affairs issues. Coffey previously was Heritage’s Margaret Thatcher fellow, focusing on relations between the United States and the United Kingdom and on the role of NATO and the European Union in transatlantic and Eurasian security. Before joining the think tank’s Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom in 2012, Coffey had served at the UK Ministry of Defence since 2010 as senior special adviser to then-British Defence Secretary Liam Fox.Coffey, a U.S. Army veteran, was the first non-UK citizen appointed by the Prime Minister to provide advice to senior British ministers. Among his duties was helping shape British defense policy in relation to transatlantic security, NATO, the European Union, and Afghanistan.

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Arctic Security with Luke Coffey

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