Taiwan’s COVID-19 Response with Vice President Chen Chien-jen

Since the outbreak of COVD-19 from Wuhan in early 2020, Taiwan has succeeded in fighting the virus. Throughout Taiwan, there have been only 446 confirmed cases and 7 deaths to date.  Today, we will be discussing what strategies Taiwan has implemented to prevent the outbreak and reopen, and whether these strategies can be extrapolated to other countries. We will also examine the politicization of public health and the importance of international cooperation, including the challenges Taiwan has faced due to its exclusion from the World Health Organization.

Dr. Chen Chien Jen is the former Vice President of Taiwan and a veteran epidemiologist. Dr. Chen served as Vice President of Taiwan from May 2016 to May 2020. Dr. Chen was also the Minister of Health for Taiwan in 2003, where he oversaw the government response to the SARS epidemic. Dr. Chen received his Doctor of Science Degree in epidemiology and human genetics from Johns Hopkins University and has returned to research at Academia Sinica.

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Taiwan’s COVID-19 Response with Vice President Chen Chien-jen

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