Becoming Kim Jong Un with Dr. Jung H. Pak

In this episode, we discuss Kim Jong Un, the authoritarian supreme leader of North Korea — a country known for its nuclear weapons program and isolation from the world. What do we know about Kim? What is going on with the recent escalation of tensions between North Korea and South Korea? What does the future of US – NK relations look like? To help us answer these questions, we are joined by Dr. Jung H. Pak.

Jung H. Pak is a senior fellow and the SK-Korea Foundation Chair in Korea Studies at the Brookings Institution. At Brookings, Pak focuses on the national security challenges facing the United States and East Asia, including North Korea’s weapons of mass destruction capabilities, the regime’s domestic and foreign policy calculus, internal stability, and inter-Korean ties. Dr. Pak has held senior positions at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

Dr. Pak is the author of the newly released book “Becoming Kim Jong Un: A Former CIA Officer’s Insights into North Korea’s Enigmatic Young Dictator” available in stores and online today.

Becoming Kim Jong Un with Dr. Jung H. Pak

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