COVID-19 and Refugees with Manish Agrawal

COVID-19 and Refugees with Manish Agrawal

In this episode of the Hopkins Podcast on Foreign Affairs, we discuss COVID-19’s effect on refugees.

Refugees and displaced persons, are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19. Many live in densely populated camps with minimal sanitation. The Kutupalong refugee settlement in Bangladesh – the world’s largest refugee camp – saw its first confirmed case of COVID-19 in May, exposing already extremely vulnerable Rohingya refugees and local Bangladeshis to the deadly virus. This podcast will look at how COVID-19 has affected refugees in Bangladesh. 

Joining us today is Manish Kumar Agrawal. Mr. Agrawal has been working in the humanitarian and development space for over 18 years. In the past he has served as a program coordinator for Oxfam and an emergency officer for UNICEF. He currently serves as the International Rescue Committee’s country director in Bangladesh where he coordinates the organization’s refugee response efforts. 

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