Populism with Dr. Yascha Mounk

Populism with Dr. Yascha Mounk

In this episode, we tackle the topic of Populism with one of the world’s leading experts on the subject. What is populism, what leads to populism sentiment, what does social media and COVID-19 have to do with populism? To help us answer these questions, we are joined by Dr. Yascha Mounk.

Yascha Mounk is a political scientist known for his work on the rise of populism and the crisis of liberal democracy. His third and most recent book, “The People vs Democracy: Why Our Freedom is In Danger and How to Save It,” has been translated into 10 languages and recognized as a “Best Book of 2018” by the Financial Times and other publications.

Educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, and Harvard University, Mounk is a contributing editor at The Atlantic, a senior fellow at the German Marshall Fund, and host of The Good Fight podcast. He is also a frequent contributor to international newspapers and magazines including The New YorkerThe New York Times, and Foreign Affairs.

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