Mask Diplomacy with Brian Wong

Mask Diplomacy with Brian Wong

The initial outbreak of COVID-19 in China and its subsequent global spread led to a significant marring of China’s image as a global leader in January 2020. By late February however, the COVID-19 outbreak within China had been seemingly contained.

 Since then, China has engaged in a concerted campaign of global, public COVID-19 aid diplomacy. From sending masks and testing kits to dozens of countries, to conducting telemedicine video conferences on COVID-19 treatments, China is attempting to rehabilitate its image as a global leader in the face of crisis. In this podcast, we will discuss China’s so-called “Mask Diplomacy” including its uses, its goals, and its potential outcomes.

 Joining us today on the podcast as our guest will be Brian Wong

Brian Wong is a Rhodes Scholar-Elect from Hong Kong (2020), and a current MPhil in Politics Candidate at Wolfson College, University of Oxford. Brian previously graduated with a First Class Honours BA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, from Pembroke College, Oxford as a Kwok Scholar. Brian frequent contributor to TIME, South China Morning Post, Fortune, and the Hong Kong Economic Journal,.

 Mr. Wong’s recent piece, China’s Mask Diplomacy, published in The Diplomat, will serve to guide our discussion today.

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