Uighurs and Human Rights with Olivia Enos

Today on POFA we discuss issues of human rights in contemporary China — looking specifically at the repression of Uighurs in Xinjiang. How has the repression of Uighurs continued since 2017? How has the global community responded to the crisis? How has the CCP responded to global condemnation of its policies? To help us answer these questions, today on the podcast we have human rights expert Olivia Enos.

Olivia Enos is a senior policy analyst in the Asian Studies Center at The Heritage Foundation. She focuses on human rights and national security challenges in Asia. Her research spans a wide range of subjects, including democracy and governance challenges, human trafficking and human smuggling, religious freedom, refugee issues, and other social challenges in the region.

Enos, who joined Heritage in 2013, has published numerous papers on human rights in North Korea and China, threats to democracy in Southeast Asia, human trafficking in Asia, and reforming the U.S. refugee program, among other subjects.

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Uighurs and Human Rights with Olivia Enos

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